About me

My name is Nico de Wet.

I am a brilliant Financial Director, Manager, Accountant, Business process developer and all round problem solver. There, I said it. My goal is simply to convey the following message:"I am not your average accountant". I shift mountains to solve your problems and add value to your business.

I started this accounting firm because it affords me the opportunity to speak into the lives of business owners. It is my foot in the door. It allows me to pursue my true passion in life, which is solving problems and helping business owners achieve their full potential. My biggest pleasure is seeing how a new process or system is working for your business. A close second is learning new things. I accept challenges even if I don't know how to overcome them, yet, simply to learn from the experience.

I don't quit. Ever. I get the job done. Whatever it takes. Old school.

A short version of my working career:

• 4 Years - I completed my SAICA articles at a Randburg auditing firm, straight after school. Whilst studying part-time through Unisa for my BCompt degree.

• 1 Year -  Worked for a large property developing company as Financial Manager.

• 4 Years -  Moved on to the retail sector where I worked as Financial Manager for a supermarket retail group.

• 3 Years - Finance Director at a global consumer product brand licensing company.

        • 2018 - Present - Simple Solutions Accounting

This brought me to my "mid-mid life crisis" 🙂 in 2018. Whats next? Whereto from here? I do not want another job but I also want to add value to other businesses. I needed a new challenge in life. And so, I decided to start Simple Solutions Accounting. 

• I am registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) as a General Associate Accountant.

• Nico de Wet BCompt AGA(SA).

• I am a SARS tax practitioner.

• Specialist in accounting software solutions and data modeling for reporting.

• Based in Randburg, but travel all over SA.

• Husband and Farther.

• Avid reader.

• Part time web application developer.

• Passionate property investor.

• Property manager.

I am many things, but most importantly - I am your partner.