Services & fees

NOTE: EVERY business has DIFFERENT needs. For this reason I consult extensively with each prospective client to ensure we tailor the best value for money package. I don’t charge per hour.¬†We invoice for solutions or desired outcomes. Charging per hour results in us and the client ending up on opposing sides. (The client wants the work to happen as soon as possible, and we want to take as long as possible.) No! That is not how we work. We price according to outcomes and value offerings, irrespective of how long it takes or how quick it was.

Accounting & Taxation

  • Monthly Data Processing (Bank reconciliation, general ledger entries, etc)
  • Monthly Payroll Administration
  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • CIPC Annual Return
  • Workmens Compensation
  • SARS: EMP201 PAYE, SDL & UIF Payroll Taxes
  • SARS: EMP501 Payroll Reconciliation
  • SARS: IRP5 Employee Tax Certificates
  • SARS: IRP6 Provisional Tax
  • SARS: ITR14 Income Tax
  • SARS: VAT201 Value Added Tax
  • SARS: VAT Audits and Reviews
  • SARS: Income Tax Audits

New Company Registrations

  • New Company Registration
  • Name Reservation
  • Income Tax Registration
  • Share Certificates

Trade Ready Shelf Companies:

  1. FNB Cheque Account
  2. Online Banking Profile
  3. Bank Card
  4. Income Tax Number
  5. BEE Micro Enterprise Affidavit
  6. 250 Business Cards
  7. Website Domain Registration and Email Setup
  8. Name Change
  9. Director Change
  10. New Share Certificate
  11. Change of banking signatories

Website Design & Domain Administration

  • Websites and Domains
  • Basic Website Design and Hosting
  • Custom Design with Custom Features
  • As per requirements
  • Quote per project